Boring Stuff: Our Advertising & Review Policy

In the ongoing (and futile) quest to legitimize this blogular endeavor, The Cycle will institute the following advertising and review policy, effective January 1, 2011, extending in perpetuity, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. (We were probably adhering to these principles before, but 1/1/11 seemed like a nice official start date that happened to have a lot of 1s in it.)

As our crack staff is too darn lazy to write a policy, much of the nuggets you see here were shamelessly panned from the river of blog gold at T. Saleh's Moscaline. As link-based proof of this theft (er, "creative inspiration"), I submit to you the Moscaline Advertising and Review Policy.

But enough preamble, on to policy...

  • Most of the reviews on this blog are for things I bought with my own money or received as gifts from family/friends. Things that are provided for review by the manufacturer/distributor are noted as such in the review. I try my darndest not to be influenced by freebies, though I am a schwag whore.
  • As of January 2017, The Cycle no longer participates in the Amazon Associates program or any other pay-per-click promotions. Links to products are provided for your convenience only, and do not funnel any ill-gotten gains back into my coffers. You may click with impunity!

  • You can send me things and I will happily use and review them. In this case, you pay for shipping to me and return shipping if you want said thing back.
  • I will show you my review after I post it, you can make comments/clarification/responses to the review if you wish, and I may include edited versions as updates to the review.
  • I will not "review" stuff I haven't tried. Thus, I will not post your boilerplate review, your press release, or anything else that's supposed to look like it came from me when it actually came from you.

  • The Cycle will accept select advertising that meets our internal (often whim-based) standards of what we like to see. 
  • All advertisers are researched (to the best of our laughable abilities) to determine if they are jerking our chains (and thus, the chains of our cadre of fanatical readers) before ads are posted to the blog.
  • Most ad space must be purchased with money, although I'm open to the idea of barter/quasi-sponsorship if the thing you're selling happens to be something I'm hopelessly addicted to. Try me.
  • For the love of Pete, don't try to stick your ad-spam in here as a comment. Trust me, I'm watching, and I'll delete that sucker so fast, it will make your modem spin.

All policies are mutable at my whim, which is to say I reserve the right to change any policy at any time -- although I'll try to be good about posting updates here if/when policies change.

If, after all this, you'd like to submit a product for review or negotiate an ad placement, piece together the e-mail address jasonnunemaker at gmail dot com to reach the Mighty Blog Despot.

Thanks for reading without nodding off. Now, back to the blog!