Thursday, November 1, 2007

See Bicycles? Seriously?

I'm seeing more and more of these bumper stickers on my commute: Bright yellow background, all-caps sans serif black type, message: SEE BICYCLES.

And really, if anyone on my commute route deserves a rant, the SEE BICYCLES crowd probably shouldn't be the target. After all, they're supposedly raising awareness, telling the rest of the car-bound world to look out for me.

But, you see, I can't see a SEE BICYCLES sticker without looking at the vehicle... and more often than not, it's a big 'un with a lone occupant, and probably a bike rack on top. So I think, Hell's bells, friend, rather than telling the world to SEE BICYCLES, why don't you just BE A BICYCLIST? You own one, and it's probably a nice one, or else you wouldn't have dropped three Huffies' worth on a Yakima roof rack. And all of a sudden, SEE BICYCLES looks more like an indulgence purchased from the Commuter Church to make its owner look and feel more pious. "I'm one of you, man! I feel your pain... as much as I can feel anything through a bucket seat, comfort suspension, and foot-wide tires, that is."

Quickly, before my dander drops: These stickers are pretty big. They wouldn't even fit on the massive sewer-pipe boom tube of my Cannondale tandem, which may be the biggest surface known to all bicycle-dom. From this, I can only conclude that the stickers were designed specifically for cars rather than for the vehicles they claim to support.

Okay, okay, now it's probably time for my medication...


John Speare said...

I hear ya. There's something about seeing bike stickers on cars that bugs me too. And this from a guy with a "same rules/rights/responsibilities" on his Subaru.
It's like the environmental sticker on a car -- just plain ridiculous, especially the just-slightly-less-harmful-to-the-planet cars with some kind of environmental, anti-SUV sticker on their car. Sort of splittin hairs there.

scott clark said...

Put down the coffee mug, Jason. ;-)

No, really, even though I had to drive today, I agree with you and John. It seems odd (not that I've SEEN any here yet.)

Would it fit on a Nelson Longflap?

Anonymous said...

Here is the website for the stickers. It is from a man who was hit while riding a bicycle.

I am a bike commuter. I didn't drive until I was 40yrs old, still commute 40 miles a day (in good weather), I am 63 yrs old now, and a woman.

I have one of these bright yellow bumper stickers and will proudly put it on my Subaru for all the other drivers to be aware that there is something to watch out for on the road that may not be very visable!!!


Anonymous said...

These are a great idea, as the last guy said he is telling people that there are bicycles on the road, and to watch out for them. The sticker is not saying F*** YOU! people who drive cars! they are simply saying be aware of bicycles, or SEE BICYCLES! I'm about to put one on my car.


Anonymous said...

Not only am I proud to have one of the stickers on my vehicle, I pass them out to friends and leave them in bicycle stores for others to adorn their cars and trucks with. Anything to raise awareness of bicycles, in my opinion, is a great idea and if it saves one life or prevents one cyclist from getting clipped by a vehicle it's all worth it.