Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My New Favorite Crash Euphemism

"Yard sale."

The bike's in the ditch, a water bottle shot off that way, your frame pump's planted in the dirt like a flag, one glove's hanging from a bush, and how exactly did the front wheel end up way the heck over there?

In short, your stuff is spread out all over the place. Hence, "yard sale."

I'd love to take credit for this one, but I picked it up from Willy Porter during his concert last Saturday night in Ames, as he was leading into the tune Loose Gravel.

There are clips of Willy's music on his site -- if they sound like your kind of thing and he comes near your town, definitely check him out. The live experience (especially in a small room) is beyond description.


scott said...

Heh--yeah, I picked that one up when learning how to ski in college. (Yes, that crackling sound you hear is my knees.) Roughly the same time I first heard "face plant."

Dick said...

Yeah, that one has been around the skiing world since at least the 80's maybe even the 70's. With all the quick release equipment used in skiing, it's easy to scatter your stuff all over the hill.