Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've Joined the Veloquencia

iBOB pal (and all-around good guy) Kent "The Mountain Turtle" Peterson has kicked off a new collaborative blog for a gang of fine cycle-writers, and -- showing a rare lack of judgment -- has invited yours truly to be a contributor. It's called Veloquent, and you can read it at Kent also happens to be a semi-regular contributor to Dirt Rag magazine (one of those old-fashioned paper things) and the author of the eponymous "Kent's Bike Blog" linked in my Blogosphere Ephemera section to the lower right.

I haven't decided what this means for "The Cycle" just yet. As all two of my regular readers have probably figured out, my inspiration's gone cold here as of late. Still, there are plenty of things on this blog that wouldn't fit on Veloquent. For now, I'll continue to post in both places, sending the more literary-ish things over to Veloquent and keeping my (even?) more mundane daily cycle-life here.

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Christopher Johnson said...

Thanks for accepting Kent's invitation, Jason. I've been a regular "The Cycle" reader for awhile and eagerly look forward to your posts in both places. I have much to learn from your fine writing.