Saturday, June 13, 2009

Overheard At A Bike Shop

Small kid who's discovered the horns and bells section: "Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep)"

Mom pays no attention.

"Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep) Mom! (beep)"

Mom still has no clue.

"MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep)"

It's finally starting to register with Mom that her spawn is trying to get her attention.

"MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep) MOM! (beep)"

Mom (exasperated): "What?!"

Kid: "I found a horn."

100% true. I just about choked trying not to laugh.

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