Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Feet, I've Got Those Happy Feet

My new wide shoes (first mentioned in last Sunday's post) arrived a couple days ago (speedy shipping there, Performance... nicely done), but tonight was my first real ride in them: 39 quasi-fast miles on an absolutely gorgeous night.

Quickie first-impression review? Oh, I like 'em a LOT. Imagine if you'd been wearing pants two sizes too small for your entire life because you thought that was just how they were supposed to fit... and then you got a pair in the right size. That's how my paddle feet feel right now... like a skinny-jeaned fixie-pushing hipster experiencing the vastness of baggy pants for the first time. I didn't have to futz with the straps or clip out and walk around to alleviate hot-foot
at all. Amazing.

More to come (including, I'm sure, much prattle about my ambivalence towards the mail order Bike Marts like Performance), but the early verdict is two big toes up!

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