Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Cycle Relocates!

The big move is done, and we're settling in to The Cycle World Headquarters 2.0. Apologies for the lack of bike content, but I just wanted to let my reader(s) know that I hadn't fallen into a hole.

Two moronic moving foibles on my part, for your entertainment:

"Um, honey, where's the hardware for the bed?"

Yep, I lost the bolts and nuts that are absolutely necessary to assemble the bed. Found them at about 11:00 p.m. the night of the move and just barely got the thing put together (with much assistance from a rightfully-irritated spouse) before midnight. Doh.

"Oh, crap, my cell phone is dead. Didn't I just have that charger?"
Yeah, I'm that guy. Had to go to Radio Shack yesterday (slogan, courtesy of Steve K: "You've got questions, we've got blank stares.") and pay my $30 idiot fee for a new charger.
On the bright side, all the bikes do fit in TCWHQ 2.0's smaller garage (don't have to vote any off the island) and the new workshop (also located in TCWHQ 2.0's garage) is gradually coming together. I was very well-behaved during the move too -- didn't hover around the movers while they stuck the bikes in the truck (adopting a "don't ask what's getting scratched, don't tell them what to do" policy) and only hovered a little when the bikes came off the truck. Thankfully, no harm was done to the fleet, or to anything else for that matter.

Now, if I could just find the box where I packed my sanity...


Scott Loveless said...

We got into an "expensive furniture buying" habit when we got married. Of course, we had two incomes and no kids. Now we have two kids and one income, so new furniture is more likely to come from Ikea than Ethan Allen.

When we move our sleigh bed (it's happened twice) I put all of the hardware in ziplock bags, wrap them in packing tape, and then tape the bundle to some part of the bed that's not visible once assembled. It's worked so far, and I'm sure this will be the first thing you think of 10 years from now when it's time to move again...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that (almost) everything survived the move. Now that you've bought a new charger, the old one will reappear within a week. That's how I ended up with three small Leatherman ("men"?) tools.

If you need to fill up some of that empty space in the new house, I've got some Cycling Plus issues that could do the job....

welcome to the new domicile!

Steve K.
Peoria, IL

Steve Fuller said...

Congrats on the move. When's the garage warming party? My fleet wants to come and visit. :)

essjay said...

I hope you find that sanity soon! Maybe it is located in front of that new TV? :)