Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Not Worthy! I'm Not Worthy!

I used to think I was a pretty bad-arse bike commuter. Sure, I'm not riding this winter, but I have in the past -- enough that I could actually justify some Mad Max-looking studded snow tires. And did I mention my titanium femur with matching tough-guy scar?

And then I read about this guy. 

(Warning: That link goes to the Des Moines Regurgitator... er, Register site, one of those paper-based news delivery things trying in vain to get hip to the whole Web thing. It's sort of like watching your geriatric uncle try to pick up college girls: Sad, and more than a little creepy.)

Anyway, Mr. Ruggeder-Than-Thou (who even shames me with his massive thicket of facial hair) works not far from The Cycle World Headquarters, so I suspect we'll cross paths sooner or later. And when we do, I will proclaim, "You, my liege, are undoubtedly the Bull Goose Loony of Des Moines bicycle commuters." And I will genuflect before his Mighty Beard, and anointeth his chain with oil.

Then I'll go back inside and bundle up in my fuzzy pink Snuggie with a cup of cocoa like the little girly-man I am.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty impressed too! Here's a guy that's every bit as daft as me, but avoids wearing lycra. He's a genius!

The only thing about the article that bothered me (and I'm picking nits) is that the photos make him look like he's riding at night without a headlight! The article clearly says that he uses a light, but I don't see it in the photos.

The other thing that bothered me just a tiny bit was that he didn't have fenders. Maybe this is something that someone (*ahem*) can talk to him about??

Steve in Peoria

Lindsey said...

I follow him on twitter and I think I saw those tweets from his blizzard ride. I think he and the Cumming Tap guy should trade houses during bad weather! :)

Steve Fuller said...

I've known Sam for a little over a year. He has multiple bikes, most of them with fenders. Right bike for the right conditions. Roads here haven't been really sloppy, and a lot of his riding is on bike trails, so fenders aren't really needed (IMHO). He's not afraid to rock the fenders when necessary.

RE: Lights. My guess is they had him turn them off or point them away from the camera for the photos.