Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medium-Rare, Please

Jeez, in all my shoe prattle, I totally missed the opportunity to introduce the replacements for my beloved (and be-shredded) VP-565 pedals.

I give you... THE SHIN-BURGER 9000!

In case the watermark doesn't give it away, I horked that image from, which is my preferred Interwebs vendor for all things small-wheeled, gnarly and rad. Yes, a fat geezer does sometimes order from a BMX shop. I gotta get my flat-brimmed caps from somewhere, don't I?

Okay, so the real name of that pedal isn't the Shin-Burger 9000. It's the much less compelling Wellgo MG-4A. But as you can see by the beckoning, fang-like Pins of Gore, it really deserves a grisly moniker. I have no idea why I had a pair of these kicking around my parts boxes. Frankly, they scare me. If -- through some bizarre flailing -- your foot gets loose from these babies, just hit the eject button, get yourself well clear of the vehicle, and abort the mission. Otherwise, they will draw blood. A lot of it. From you, from innocent bystanders, from a stone, you name it.

By the way, the definition of marital trust? I used to have these on my end of the tandem, where it was my (lovely, wonderful) spouse who held the power of life and death at every stop. If she'd ever spun those things backwards when my stance wasn't quite wide enough, I would have needed a Camelbak full of A-positive.

On the upside, MG-4As (a.k.a. Shin-Burger 9000s) are pretty cheap (like $20), freakishly, you-canna-change-the-laws-of-physics-Jim light, and (at least on mine) the bearings spin like they came out of some Campagnolo Skunk Works laboratory.

So, there you have it: Good pedals, though not for hemophiliacs or the faint of heart.


bikelovejones said...

There really IS a shinburger pedal and it will make you weep:

I race short-track and cyclocross on these:

As I am unable to use clipless pedals, I went back to my BMX roots and came up with these as a solution. I loaded every hole with a traction pin on both sides, and got a super-grippy pedal that works well in mud. (Note that the pedal pictured is the 2010-11 version. The 2012 version has a totally new shape and I'm not wild about it.)

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Thanks for that, BLJ... I got a good chuckle out of the Veggie Burger model name, too.

The vicious pedal I remember from my early bike shop days was the Odyssey Black Widow -- which now seems to be out of production. We kept a pair in the glass case (purple anodized, of course -- it was the '90s) as eye candy, but no one ever actually bought them. I think you could have cut steak with those cages.