Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Cycle Takes Requests?

Oh, sure, why not? Pal Scott (a.k.a. the fivetoedsloth) wanted to see a full shot of the ol' Clubman with its new fenders installed, so I ended tonight's commute with a long-standing Craigslist tradition: cell-phone photography of a bike leaned against a garage door.

There you go, Scott. Just don't tell my mom that I've become one of those people who takes pictures requested by random men on the Internet.

For the rest of youse, I cashed in my ill-gotten Amazon gains on a new chain (which I will not be reviewing, because, c'mon, how do you review a chain?) and BikeSnobNYC's latest book (which I will be reviewing). Just waiting on Brown Truck Santa.


Chad said...

Have the fronts always been so short? Those look exceedingly so!

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Chad -- I put the front up against my old Planet Bike Hardcores (admittedly a short fender by constructeur standards) and they were the same, save for the Hardcore's stubby little mudflaps. The bike still has a defined schmutz line from the old fenders, so if this drought ever ends, I'll be able to tell the real-world difference.

Commenter Steve is probably right, though -- your standards for "long enough" in fenders may depend on your climate. Here, the mid-length is good enough for me (except on the tandem, where my stoker insists on Cascadias). Seattle riders may disagree.

Scott Loveless said...

Thanks, Jason. My reason for the request was that I wanted to see how long the rear fender was, relative to the tire. I have an old set of SKS fenders, a model that's no longer in production, and the rear is so short that a typical mudflap falls onto the tire. Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated.

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

No problem, Scott. I confess, I don't worry all that much about rear fender coverage. After all, that's just for the benefit of the people behind me -- and as a surly misanthrope, I'd rather not have other people in my general vicinity. (Aside to the Surly Bicycles folks... I want a royalty when you come out with your new Surly Misanthrope model.)