Monday, November 25, 2013

Tried & Liked 2013: Happy Tuchus, Happy Rider

With the year drawing to a close, it's time to scroll back through 2013 and compile my list of new stuff that I tried out and deemed lacking in suckitude.

Because I only try new saddles during years that end with a number, I put yet another new perch under my bum in 2013, the Terry Fly, in its less-expensive chromoly railway:

My first impression of the Fly (after setting it up level like I do with my other saddles) was a definitive "uh, no thank you." Without getting too graphic, let's just say that it almost immediately caused the (ahem) "condition" that it purports to cure. And lo, my nether regions were greatly displeased.

I am nothing if not stubborn, however, so I did a bit of reading on the Internets and learned that many folks get on better with the Fly if the nose is angled ever so slightly up. I did exactly that, and presto: Disappearing saddle. Seriously. I didn't give it a second thought from that day forward. Long rides, short rides, rides in Lycra, rides in baggy shorts, rides in jeans (JEANS, for Pete's sake!)... the saddle was simply a non-thing. I think that's why I haven't mentioned it here until now. I forgot about it.

The hole is weird, yes. And I have no idea if it's working any magic with the blood flow in the land down under. Frankly, I don't care. It's just comfortable.

(Interesting side note about the chromoly-rail model: The rails attach to little flexible "bridges" in the back rather than directly to the shell. It's hard to say whether that adds any comfort, though it should in theory. It does, however, provide a couple mounting points for the straps of a traditional saddlebag if you're so inclined.)

The Obligatory Disclaimer: I bought my saddle with pennies I saved from my paper route, and was not bribed or coerced to say nice things about it. If you go to that Amazon link and buy one, however, I'll make a cut on the deal. So there's that.


Anonymous said...

It's a classic story... boy meets saddle, boy initially hates saddle, boy and saddle resolve their differences and live happily ever after. I give it two thumbs up!

So what was the previous saddle and what happened in that relationship?

Steve in Peoria

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Wow, I didn't realize that I was living a romantic comedy cliche... the old story where they hate each other but you know they'll end up in love by the time the credits roll. :-)

The previous saddle was an older model of Fizik, though I don't remember the name. By the time I finally put it out to pasture, it was more Shoe Goo than saddle. Comfy little bugger, though.

I also do well with the Wilderness Trail Bikes SST -- and since those sometimes come stock on complete Surly bikes, they can often be found in take-off bins for cheap.

Anonymous said...

both of those have pretty good reputations. What ever happened to the Fiziks? Still around?

The plastic saddles do seem to have a limited lifetime. Ones with leather covers will eventually wear out too, but take a while. I'm lucky that I prefer Brooks for my upright bikes, since they can last for decades (usually).

Now that I have to spend most of my time on 'bents, the search for a good seat goes on again. Haven't looked at too many options, but both of mine leave a bit to be desired. Unfortunately, the closest LBS for bents is about 6 hours away. :-P

Steve in Peoria