Thursday, December 22, 2016

Writing a Bicycle Blog is Just Like Riding a Bicycle

... which is to say that I often fall down and skin my knees while doing it.

So, um, let's just pretend that long hiatus never happened, and get back to our usual drivel, shall we?

When last we left our intrepid blogmeister, he was returning from what he described as a "commute." Turns out, that was a fib. Something untrue on the Internet?!? What?!?

I was actually returning from *class* (which is technically a commute, but still). See, starting this Fall, I decided to take advantage of a little tuition benefit I get thanks to Dear Spouse's employer and return to college, studying the Computer Sciences. I have it on good authority that while these computer things may seem like a flash in the pan now, they're gonna catch on, so I want to get out in front of it.

Being as this is a blog about bikes (and that you likely couldn't care less about my midlife crisis), how about something related to both my schooling and bikes? The institute of higher learning I attend happens to be one Drake University (go Bulldogs!), and one of the cool things Drake (the school, not the rapper) has instituted just this year is a Bike Library, which looks a little something like this:

Show your student ID, and you can sign one of these practical-looking beauties out for free, ride it wherever your little heart desires, and return it whenever you're done. Being a bike nerd (duh), I had to ID the brand and model, which (as far as I can tell) is the Sun Fritz 5-speed... upright riding position, equipped with urban necessities like fenders, rack, and kickstand, low-maintenance internally-geared hub and caliper brakes. Basically, a Raleigh Sports for the 21st century. Smart spec for this application.

I haven't taken one out for a spin yet since I'm usually astride my mutant take on a Raleigh Sports when I'm on campus, but perhaps in the Spring, I'll test ride one in the interest of blog fodder. I've seen them quite far afield from the Drake campus (which is barely big enough to warrant wheeled transportation), out on the network of trails around Des Moines, so it would appear that my fellow students are putting them to good use.

Oh, and here's a gratuitous bulldog picture:

That charming, jowly fellow is Griff, the current Drake "live mascot". The mascot-for-all-eternity is named Spike, but he is represented in actual mortal dog-form by a series of real-life bulldogs, a position currently held by our man Griff shown above. Let me just say that if you find yourself in Des Moines during the Drake Relays, the Beautiful Bulldog Contest is a must-attend event.


Anonymous said...

"Bike Library" is a phrase you don't hear everyday! It makes me envision a card catalog of bikes... Atala, Bianchi, Cinelli, De Rosa, Ephgrave, Frejus, Gios, Hetchins, ... and so on. Now that would be a fun library to visit!

welcome back to the blog! Will we be seeing coding tips in future posts? :-)

Steve in Peoria

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Pal Steve, your Bike Library is an absolutely brilliant idea. In fact, I'm going to steal it for a future post.

Regarding coding tips, I'd better not. This blog is already the next best thing to an Ambien prescription. :-)