Monday, September 10, 2007

Obligatory Fleet Rundown 2: Workin' 9-2-5

What fleet would be complete without this year's hottest fashion accessory, the urban poseur fixed gear? Mine's a Redline 925, its silly moustache bars swapped for even sillier bullhorns and its rear brake/freewheel removed.

Let's be honest here... the sole purpose of this particular bicycle is to carry a pathetic, balding 34-year-old and his messenger bag of corporate casual attire to and from a gray cubicle, all the while letting him pretend to be a 20-something urban fixie punk. Nothing more to see, move along please! It's past the old man's bedtime anyway.

(This does, however, have the dubious distinction of being the only "racing" bike in my stable, since it carried me to an underwhelming "last of the fixies" finish in the '06 Des Moines "Cranksgiving" alleycat race. I'll let the reader decide if that makes it more or less sad.)

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