Monday, December 31, 2007

Caucus Thoughts

Okay, so this is outside my usual scope, but with so much attention being heaped on Iowa these days, I thought a post about the caucus might...


Excuse me a second, that's the phone. "Hullo? Um, no, this isn't a good time for me to answer a few poll questions, thanks."

Okay, where was I? Ah, yes, the caucus. Every four years, the people of Iowa have a chance to make their voices...


Shoot, that's the cell phone. Sorry about that. "Hello? Listen, I'm sure your candidate is wonderful, but could you please not call this number? It's a cell phone. Thanks."

As I was saying, this is the opportunity for the people of Iowa to make a real difference in the political process. It's our time to...


Doorbell, sorry. "May I help you? No, I haven't decided who I'm caucusing for. Listen, I'm right in the middle of something. Could I just take a flyer? Thanks."

I am so sorry about that, really. Where was I? Okay. Every four years, Iowans can...


There's that doorbell again, doggone it. Give me a second. "Morning, Bob! A little early for the mail, isn't it? Oh, this is just the first batch? Well, leave that bale of political ads on the porch. I'll try to get them moved before you get back with the second bale."

So, my point is, Iowans have a real responsibility to participate in the caucuses as informed citizens on January 3rd...


I can't believe this. That's the phone again. "Hello? CBS News? An interview with an everyday Iowan? Uh huh, Katie Couric? At a local restaurant? I don't think we'll be able to get a reservation. Oh, sure, make it in her name, that's right. It's only the locals who can't get tables. Listen, can I call you back? Thanks."

What was I saying? Aw, to hell with it. I think I'll just stay home on the 3rd.


toddvc said...

Jason, a good take, as usual.

C'mon, man, out with it -- who(m) do you favor!?

Jason Nunemaker: said...

After watching this "campaign" for over a year now, I'm a strong supporter of "none of the above". :-)

Seriously, when you're on the ground for the infancy of a presidential election and see just how much money gets thrown at your vote, it breeds cynicism deep in the bone. Come November, I'll swallow hard pull the lever for someone, but I've come to equate that act with a dental checkup... something I do because I should, not because I'm excited about it.