Sunday, December 9, 2007

LimpStrong II: This Time, it Might be About the Bike

Ugh, winter has arrived, and with it, cabin fever. Closest thing I've had to a "ride" in over a week is popping my fixed-gear on the trainer in the basement, flipping on some random sporting event on the tiny TV, and blowing my eardrums out with Kraftwerk's Tour de France Soundtrack for a half-hour Johnny G-wannabe spinning session. Nothing like a little sweat bath and nether-region numbness during the shortest, darkest, most depressing days of the year.

Time to go to my Happy Place, which is planning the Big Rides of 2008. After the stunning success (translation: I didn't die) of LimpStrong I, it's time to start thinking about the Second Annual LimpStrong Ride for the Femur-Impaired. There's a sick little corner of my brain that keeps whispering, "Do it on the fixed gear, you big pansy."


  • Limpstrong I was my first self-contained century, raising the personal achievement bar just a skidge. Making II a self-contained fixed century would just knock it up there one more notch.
  • Despite my '07 injury, a big chunk (close to half) of my annual mileage passed under non-coasting wheels. Clearly, I'm getting pretty comfortable in a freewheel-free world if I can do that on a bum leg.
  • I kind of like that look people give me when I say I'm going to do these things... like they really want to call the gentlemen in the white coats, but they're afraid to make any sudden moves.
  • Even I think this is a little nuts, and it's my idea.
  • My geared bike is soooo nice for long-distance rides.
  • Who the heck am I trying to impress, anyway?
Obviously, with the blanket of frozen precipitation showing no signs of leaving any time soon, I have a while to think about this. But for now, I'm going to keep putting the "miles" on the non-shifty, non-coasty steed and see what my legs (and nether region) think.


Christopher Johnson said...


Nice writing. My vote (not that you asked) is for the fixed gear bike. As a fixed gear fan, I'd really like the inspiration. It's time I bagged a self-supported fixed gear century and I could use a little inspiration to get me over the hump. How about a photo journal of the adventure?

Jason Nunemaker: said...


The vote for fixed has been recorded, but it's too soon to call Iowa as a win for the "No-Coast Party" just yet. :-)

A photo journal is a good idea... except for the fact that I have the camera skills of an untrained chimpanzee. That's why this blog tends to be a little word-heavy and photo-light. But I know a lot of people who've had good luck shooting ride photos with those tiny, cheap digital pencams, so if I can find one that will talk to my Mac, maybe I'll give it a try.

scott clark said...

Hey, the fact that you're planning longer rides at all is impressive some of us. And you really can't lose, whichever bike you pick.

(But you are a little bit nuts for not riding Bruce... :-)