Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Steve Go!

That's Local Steve F, a.k.a. Former Neighbor Steve, who is probably kneeling on the deck right about now, tying on his kamikaze headband and lubing up his Karate Monkey (which sounds really dirty, come to think of it) in preparation for this year's Trans Iowa Race.

If you don't know the TI, it crosses our great state on a network of gravel roads in two short days. No sag stops, no support cars, just a bunch of nutjobs out there making the pedals go around and around and around all by their lonesome. Think of it as the Great Divide Race without all the pesky mountains or RAGBRAI on steroids and Red Bull. It's been rainy all week, so those fine, well-maintained Iowa gravel roads should be a bog of tire-sucking, drivetrain-eating quicksand by now. Farmers around here often find the helmets of DNF Trans Iowa racers floating on the spot where rider and bike went under.

So, dear reader, bop on over to Zen Biking and clang your electronic cowbell in support as ol' Steve sets off on the adventure. I'm decidedly anti-Twitter (don't get me started), but I'll actually be watching for his tweets (which sounds dirty again, sorry) as he hits the checkpoints. It's the virtual equivalent of running alongside the race in a devil costume -- and Steve, if you actually see me running alongside you in a devil costume, you've been on the bike too long and need some sleep.

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Steve Fuller said...

Thanks for the well wishes Former Neighbor Jason. :) Bike is ready, stuff is packed and I'm floating inside of the hurricane's eye in a very small dinghy.