Friday, September 18, 2009

Mythical "Lobster Man" Sighted In Des Moines

One of The Cycle's intrepid photographers was able to snap this closeup photo of the hideous beast at great risk to life and limb. She returned to our offices reeking of shellfish and refusing to speak of the ordeal.

As Des Moines is (obviously) far from the ocean, we can only assume that this is the even-more-rare freshwater River Lobster Man. The scraggly beard and excess body fat would seem to indicate that he is preparing to hibernate.

(In all semi-seriousness, what you're seeing above is me as a hand model, showing off the new wool lobster mittens that Dear Spouse Carla just finished for me in preparation for winter commutes. She had to graft together two different patterns to pull it off, but the end result is PERFECT. I have the most awesomest, knittingest wife ever. I can't say that I'm looking forward to colder weather, but I am really psyched to try these things out.)


WMdeR said...

Hi, Jason,

Did she write up her pattern? the Smitten Mittens one never quite made sense to me, and I'm not good enough with needles to work it out on my own...

Them's some good-lookin' lobster claws, all told.



William M. deRosset
Fort Collins, CO

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Hey, Will... Carla started with the Smitten pattern, but it didn't make much sense to her either.

I know she worked from bits and pieces of a couple different patterns that she'd used before. I think it was all open-source stuff from I don't think she wrote down the successful end result, though -- it was kind of an improvisational thing.

If you want more details, I can pick her brain... with my lobster claws. :-)