Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LimpStrong Training Hits A Snag

Things were off to an absolutely epic start (can I say "epic" without paying some kind of royalty to Rapha? after all, that seems to be the adjective of choice for guys who spend more on their jerseys than I do on a whole bike.) I took the newly-bullhorn-barred Raleigh International fixed gear out on Saturday and rolled off 54 miles as a LimpStrong 3.0 dry run -- my longest fixed-gear ride ever, and probably my longest ride of any sort this year. And it felt great. Sure, I had a couple stretches where my legs bogged down and my spin dropped off, and I didn't pack any food (or think to stop for any along the way) resulting in a mild mini-bonk, but all in all, it was a stunning success.

Then, I woke up Sunday morning with a little sniffle. "No sweat," I figured, "just overdosed on environmental allergens. Minor setback." Monday morning, that little sniffle had transformed into an upper respiratory/head crud that made me seriously consider whether I could drag myself two miles to work. And by last night, that upper respiratory crud really walloped me.

I worked from home today, but even that seems like it will be a stretch tomorrow. I may need to take some actual sick time, sleep like I'm in a coma, hold off on LimpStrong training for a while, and let my body recharge.

I don't really blame the big ride. I think I was just past due for a case of the crud. And assuming I can shake this in a week or so, I'm still psyched to try LimpStrong 3.0 (scheduled for October 17 -- yikes, just over a month away!) on fixed. In fact, popping off that no-coasting half century with (relative) ease makes me even more confident that the full 100-miler is possible.


Steve Fuller said...

Give it a few days and you should be fine. There is some upper respiratory/ear infection stuff going around tho.

Steve Fuller said...

Oh yea, you have a route planned yet?