Friday, January 29, 2010

More Winter Silliness: Communication Breakdowns

There I was, just toodling along minding my own business, when a car passed just a little closer and faster than I would prefer. Probably not his fault -- the roads must be a good six feet narrower thanks to the Winter X-Games-snowboard-halfpipe-sized drifts on each side. But I'd had a long day at work and I was freezing my "gentleman's bits" off,  so I overreacted a little. In -- ahem -- "sign language."

Except I was wearing a pair of these: 

So my unwittingly concealed nonverbal suggestion that he should attempt something indecent with himself was interpreted as, "Hello, friend! What a fine day!" And, being a friendly Iowa sort, he waved back.

Oh well. Someday those mittens will probably save me from a beatdown.

Mini-review: If you ride a bike that doesn't require dexterity (singlespeed? fixed-gear? thumbshifters? bar-ends? just not STI or Ergopower, really), the Fox River mitts are quite toasty, though not as wind-resistant as I'd like. My knitter-half is making me an extra-extra-extra-extra large pair of wool mitts that she's going to felt down to my size in an attempt to improve on these. But the FRs will stay in my arsenal for two reasons: one, my late-Dad had a pair he used for winter running, so they always remind me of him, and two, Fox River is based in Osage, Iowa. Yay, quasi-locals!


Anonymous said...

yep, the PI Lobster Claws also prevent dangerously appropriate communication! The motorist might return the Vulcan greeting instead of a simple wave, though.

The subject of suitable gloves at this time of year is one I ponder quite a bit. The hand position on my 'bent seems to end up jamming my fingertips into the end of my glove, leading to freezing fingers. The Paul Thumbies are operated with my fingertips, and are a tad difficult to operate when wearing glove liners, gloves, and lobster claw shells.

I suspect your mittens might be adequate if you found a good shell. A friend has some sheepskin mittens/shells, which seems like a perfect outer layer for wool gloves! The risk is that you'll look like you are wearing boxing gloves, and will be unable to perform any task that might require actually grabbing an item.

just back from a frosty 15F commute,
Steve in Peoria
(where a good Led Zep reference is always appreciated!)

essjay said...

I feel bad for you that you couldn't express yourself but I am glad that your fingers were warm!