Friday, January 22, 2010

Proud Uncle

Time to lighten the mood again...

Talked to Wilson the World's Coolest Older Nephew the other night. Like most 2.5-year-old boys, he has a fascination with all things transportation-related: cars, trucks, trains (man, does that kid like his trains), boats, you name it.

At first, any four-wheeled conveyance was a bus. My sister's car was "momma's bus." Bro-in-law's car was "daddy's bus." Et cetera. But now, he's started to categorize... so they tried to teach him to say "SUV".

Except, being 2.5, when he says it, it sounds like "SOB." So he's on the phone with Uncajason (all one word) yelling "SOB! SOB! SOB!" and wondering why I'm laughing so hard. I can't wait until his parents are driving him somewhere with the windows down, somebody drives by in some flavor of Canyonero, and he yells "SOB!" at them.

On the bright side, the next time I'm riding to work, get brushed back by a Canyonero, and think "son of a...", I'll just imagine Wilson yelling "SOB!" and laugh out loud. Thanks for that, little buddy.


Dingbat said...

When my daughter was that age (last year), she had trouble with initial "Tr" sounds--they came out like F's. No matter how many times we heard, "Big truck! Truck too loud! Look! Truck!" it never got less hilarious.

Anonymous said...

so much fun. :-)

It might be time to start planning a trip down to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis. Lots of very cool trains there, and some pretty cool cars too. Might be a good place to spend a couple of hours, and then run off to the zoo or science museum. And finish it off with a trip up the Arch of course!
(contact me for some bike shops to visit)

Peoria Steve