Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Ended My Off-Season!

I believe the correct response is "woo hoo!" Or maybe "boo-yah!"

Worked from home all day, kicked back in the recliner like a corpulent slug. Sun popped out in the late afternoon, and it dawned on me that hey, maybe I could get a ride in before dinner. The bike is still wearing studded tires (those things are a bee-yatch to change), so it was 11 miles of bubble-wrap crackle (hello, rolling resistance!)

But, doggone it, I got out there after a long, dark winter of my discontent.

Weather forecast is calling for 60s next week. Methinks (knocking wood) it might be time to wrestle those studded tires off.


Anonymous said...

wait... what?? You're just getting back on the bike now? Tell me that this is just poetic license, and you've really been riding semi-regularly all winter.

It was a nice day, which meant that I bike commuted. Despite some strong winds, it was a nice ride. It was interrupted when I encountered some young Mormon fellows working on their missions, so we talked about religion for 20 minutes or so. I hope I haven't corrupted them too badly. :-)
I should have mentioned "The Church of the Wheel", though (darn!). The Church does demand a lot of penance!

Steve in Peoria

Pete said...

I worked from home today, so spent most of it like a corpulent slug on my laptop, interspersed by tending to the attic insulation installers. But I'm considering going for my first ride of the year tomorrow. No studs are available without considerable wrenching...

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Steve, I wish that were a metaphor, but nope, this was my first bike time (other than a short ride to the dentist once) since November. Usually, my winter miles come from commuting (and add-ons to the commute) but the new job out in the hinterlands (grumble, grumble) put a damper on that.