Friday, March 11, 2011

Lance Is My Hero... No, Not THAT Lance

Thanks to Local Pal Steve (the Guru of Gravel) for calling my attention to this story about a seriously tough and/or nuts Iowa cyclist via the Facebooks.

Let me see if I understand this... guy goes down, breaks leg, and GETS BACK ON THE BIKE. And then a couple hundred miles later (a couple hundred miles of RIDING ACROSS ALASKA WITH A BROKEN LEG), he goes down again, breaks his arm, and GETS BACK ON THE BIKE. Quote: "The pain was only bad, not severe."

Just to offer some limited perspective: I once crashed my bike and broke my leg. In the middle of Des Moines, Iowa. In the Spring. And what did I do? Why, whipped out my cell phone, called 911, and sat on the trail whimpering like a little girl until the ambulance showed up, of course. Quote: "Scale of 1 to 10? Are you kidding me? Just start the friggin' morphine drip!"

Lance Andre, you are one hard-arsed and/or bat-feces-crazy dude. I doff my helmet to you.


Joe said...

He's harder than woodpecker lips.

bikelovejones said...

Jason -- I think a little perspective is in order here.
I would suggest that part of this guy's toughness was required by three little words:

Location, location, location.

If you had crashed in the wilds of Alaska rather than in the not-so-wilds of Indiana, I think you might consider getting back on the bike as a more viable option.
(I'll leave the 200 miles part to your judgment.)

So give yourself a teency-weency leetle break here. And consider that anyone who is willing to put himself in the position of having to ride a bike 200 miles to get anywhere civilized has not only woodpecker lips, but very possibly woodpecker brain as well.

I'd like to be impressed but I'm mostly dubious.
Cheers --blj

Steve Fuller said...

You really have to know Lance. He's a smart guy, but he's hella stubborn.