Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Big Tease

Dang, now THAT was a hiatus.

Sincere apologies, dear reader(s). The intrepid staff here at The Cycle just got back from a big trip to Israel. Couldn't quite get that whole Middle East peace thing worked out in only ten days, but as a consolation prize, I did collect all sorts of material (and my usual crappy photography) for impending blog posts once the jetlag wears off. Scooter flash mobs, the ubiquitous Israeli front bicycle basket, the Land that 29ers and Hipster Fixies Forgot, a real bike shop in a mall, crazed sidewalk cyclers, weird lowrider cargo bikes, you name it. In short, there should be a quasi-decent payoff for the long dry spell, assuming you think my blather is a payoff rather than a punishment.

As a double-super-extra bonus, there's one of our world-famous book reviews in the queue as soon as the jetlag wears off enough that I can actually read the book. Author Amy Snyder was kind enough to send along a review copy of her Race Across America chronicle Hell on Two Wheels. As fans of my Advertising and Review Policy know (c'mon, admit it, you know you love administrative minutiae), I don't review stuff I haven't read and/or used, so that splash of link juice is just a thank-ye-kindly to Ms. Snyder for sending the book. You'll get my real review once enough synapses are firing again.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back! I bet you missed the humidity. :)

Steve in Peoria

p.s. why does Google force me to sign up for a blog account if I use my Google i.d.?? It tried twice without giving me an option to *not* open a blog, so now I'm just entering my comments anonymously. Very annoying!