Friday, May 10, 2013

Go Read Steve

Far be it for me to drive away the few readers who stumble into these pages, but if you're here and haven't been paying attention to the blogroll over to the right, you owe it to yourself to pop in on Local Pal Steve's Zen Biking.

Steve recently completed Trans Iowa V9 (an event so worthy of the word "epic" that it would make those faux-epic Rapha punks soil their overpriced knickers), and is now documenting said adventure via blog. So far, the following chapters are available:

What I find so compelling about this whole endeavor is that if you met Steve in the non-virtual world, you'd think, "That's just a normal guy." He's got a job, a wife, and a kid. He's obviously in killer shape (anyone who spends enough time on his indoor trainer to tag it as the Gopher Wheel Lounge on Facebook would have to be) but I don't think he'd strike you as one of those hyper-obsessed athlete-freaks. Those guys don't tool around town with their wives on the back of a Surly Big Dummy, or bust out their 1939 Colson ballooners for a tweed ride.

So, congrats to Ol' Iron-Scranus, officially the 9th-place finisher of Trans Iowa V9, a swell former neighbor, a canine delicacy, and clearly a guy who knows how to grind some gravel.


Steve Fuller said...

Aw shucks... *looks down and kicks at the gravel*

My wife might beg to differ about that whole "hyper-obsessed" thing. I'm certain she's relieved that the whole thing is over (for now).

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

"For now," he says, ominously. Do I see TIV10 in your future? You can't possibly be turning around and doing Kanza in a couple weeks... can you?

Learned over the weekend that I know *two* TIV9 finishers. 2nd place Mark Johnson is the same Mark Johnson who teaches with my mom, whose brother graduated high school with me, and whose dad went to high school with my dad. It never clicked because, well, how many Mark Johnsons are there in the world?

Steve Fuller said...

Ugh. Late reply to this. There was no Kanza for me this year. I did head up to Spring Valley, MN in Mid May (3 weeks after TI) for the Almanzo Royal 162. Headed to Spearfish, SD for the Goldrush 110 this weekend.

As far as TI goes, if goes off again, there's a good chance I'll be there. My spouse has told that if I even hint to attempting it on a single speed, she will have me committed. :)