Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Goatee: 1992-2009

Because I've been short on the meaningless, self-indulgent navel-gazing lately...

I am now clean-shaven for the first time since 1992. Finally took a good long look in the mirror and thought, "Who exactly are you kidding? Grunge is over, you're in your late-30s, and you're a cube-jockey for a major financial institution who spends his days taking the specifications from the customers to the engineers."

Out came the clippers, and my quasi-rebellious youth became a pile of hair on the bathroom floor.

The shaved head will remain, although it's gone from "statement" (of what, I do not remember -- laziness?) to "male pattern baldness camouflage" over the last decade.

I will also continue to ride my fixed-gear in knickers from time to time, playing dress-up as a 20-something hipster, fully aware of just how pathetic that is. (Note to my one known British reader, those are 3/4-length pants, not my unmentionables. Man, it's hard to write for an actual English-speaking audience!)

On the not-terribly-bright side, at least I'm now (slightly more) respectable looking. Good thing, in case I need to hit the interview circuit unexpectedly. In my line of work, the corporate "walk of shame" is getting a little too common these days -- where you find a security guard with a cardboard box for your personal belongings waiting at your cube in the morning.

Goodbye, chin-chinchilla. You will be missed.


Steve Fuller said...

My goat disappeared over the weekend. Though it was due to carelessness with the Wahl's rather than any sort of purpose. It will grow back soon, for I am still producing testosterone and not in need of viagra. Like you, I've accepted the hand that fate has dealt me in regards to the top of my skull. #1 and #2 are my close friends these days.

john said...

I just had to check out your name in Teamworks after reading this entry and your reference to working at a large financial institution in Des Moines.

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Uh oh, busted -- someone else from "the company" found me. :-)

John, I see you're in Phoenix. You work down in Chandler? I've been down there for work a couple times. Ping me on company mail if you want to chat off-blog. And thanks for keeping our employer semi-secret... I try to keep blog and work separate if I can help it.