Saturday, January 31, 2009

Workin' For The Man

To clarify: My boss is actually a wo-man, and she didn't ask me to work this weekend, but I discovered a gift from the FUBAR Fairy yesterday that was entirely my fault (and needs to be fixed by Monday), so I am (metaphorically speaking) on the clock for The Man right now.

"But Jason," I can hear you asking, "how are you blogging when you're doing time for The Man? Because you are such a fine, upstanding corporate citizen, you can't possibly be working on your blog using The Man's computer and bandwidth." Glad you asked. See, I am such a gifted nerd, I am working in DLM: Dual Laptop Mode, company computer to my right, personal computer to my left.

I can't really reveal what sort of top secret stuff I do for The Man, but the repair of this particular FUBAR Fairy visit is akin to going down the hatch from time to time and pushing the button so the island won't blow up. (Heartfelt thanks to my wife for that astonishingly geeky yet apt
Lost analogy.) Between button-pushings today, I'll be blogging merrily away on the eeePC, with the occasional break to hunt boar or avoid polar bears.

Of course, temps are headed for the 40s today, and while I had no intention of riding with local nutjobs Steve F. and Tom A. on their first Cup o'Dirt century ride of the year (sorry, guys), I was at least hoping to start the pre-Spring cleaning on the Gordon and get the shiny new Wald fenders installed. Ah well. Rumor has it we'll see the 50s next weekend.

Oops, time to get back down the hatch and press the button...

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Steve Fuller said...

Was a beautiful day for a ride. 38 in before 9:30 AM, and a nice even 100K in before noon. Headed up to Perry on Saturday for BRR via some of Iowa's best limestone encrusted roadways if you're interested. :)