Monday, February 2, 2009

What I've Learned In Minnesota

One: When a GPS says "recalculating" (in its mechanical-yet-alluring Australian accent), it's really saying, "Hey, idiot, you missed the turn even though I've been telling you about it for two miles. Give me a second and I'll save your pathetic carbon-based butt again." It's like getting a passive-aggressive dressing down by the Jetsons' robot Rosie as played by Nicole Kidman in a live-action remake. (Note to Hollywood producers: You know the idea's brilliant. Call me.)

Two: Heated seats were made for February in Minnesota. My tushie like rental car lots.

Good grief, I am tired. Say goodnight, Jason.

("Goodnight, Jason.")


Pete said...

Where the heck in MN are you?

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

I was in Minneapolis (Eden Prairie, to be a little more specific) for a couple days on a work trip. Now, I'm back home in scenic Des Moines (My Fair City) Iowa.

My wife's from the Cities, so I did manage to get away from work and visit relatives for a bit. As my addled blog post shows, I was pretty wiped out and mentally dead by the time I called it a night on Monday.

Steve Fuller said...

Mmmmmm.... Nicole Kidman.

(Back before she got all stepford wife and facelift looking).

Anonymous said...

This is extraordinary. People from Iowa are so polite. They go to Minnesota and come back, say nice things about rental car lots in Minnesota, poke a little fun at getting lost and go home. And the people from Minnesota make jokes about Iowans. Definitely not nice.

-- an iBob who lived in Minnesota