Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Subsistence Commuting"

I'd love to take credit for that phrase, but it comes from pal Tarik, spinning blog gold (as usual) over at Moscaline. Observant readers may have noticed that when I futzed with my blogroll this month, Moscaline went on a brief and unintentional hiatus from The Cycle. Dear reader, if you missed anything, get over there now and catch up. And sincere apologies to he of the mighty moustache for the temporary service interruption.

Tarik just tossed off the idea of "subsistence commuting" during his year-end motion update, but the concept stuck in my head. It pretty much describes the only motion I'm getting these days -- about thirty minutes per day of miserable fixed-gear slogging through slushy, cold crap. The distance I cover each day barely counts as riding, but something about gearing up and getting in the saddle resets my brain, tells me I'm still a biker, there's still hope.

No subsistence today, though -- still on the clock. And
The Cycle will be on the road tomorrow and Tuesday, visiting the land of long-O sounds and hot dishes to the north, don'tcha know. I'll be bikeless (and wouldn't have time to ride if I had one) up there, but I'll probably spin some blog pyrite (that's "fool's gold" for those who weren't paying attention in science class) from The Cities.


Tarik Saleh said...

Hey, I missed that you dumped me from the blogroll and I nearly forgot that I wrote the words subsistence commuting. Thanks for the nice words. Keep grinding, it is the way of the winter.

Steve Fuller said...

Great phrase. 15 minutes each way, 6 miles a day, praying every minute for the weekend to get closer so I can ride something other than the time trial that my commute has become.

I have a folder you could have taken with you up north. SA 3 speed for nice sloppy weatherproof-ness. :)