Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coffee Addiction Leads To Celebrity Sighting

Spent last weekend in Vegas for the wedding of my bro-in-law (congrats, guys, and welcome to the family, Lauren!) where my constant craving for caffeine actually led to a bona fide celebrity encounter.

I'm sitting outside a coffee joint in a mall (because doesn't everyone go on vacation to hang out in malls?) sipping my medication while my wife shops, when someone who looks familiar walks past me into the coffee place. Sure, she's kind of frumped-up in an intentional "please don't notice me" sort of way (jeans, sweatshirt, baseball hat), but I'm almost sure I've got a positive ID.

Of course, being incredibly weird about talking to people I don't know AND terrified of looking like a stalker fanboy, all I can do is scooch my chair around so I can see her come out of the coffee place and confirm that I did see who I thought I done saw.

Sure enough, my first impression was right: it's Jenna Fischer, star of TV's
The Office. Can I come up with the name "Jenna Fischer" as I'm sitting there? Of course not. All I can think is, "uh, duh, um... PAM!" (which, thankfully, I do not express verbally) as I watch her re-disappear into the crowd. My wife wanted to know if she looked as cute in person as on TV, but a) I'm not dumb enough to answer a question like that from my wife, and b) it seems kind of creepy to discuss a complete stranger's cuteness level once you've actually encountered her as a real, coffee-drinking person rather than just an image beamed into your shiny-picture-box at home.

And now that I'm back home in flyover country, the magical interwebs confirm that Ms. Fischer was in fact in Vegas celebrating her birthday -- proving yet again that you CAN believe everything you read on the interwebs. It was real! And you were there, and you, and you...

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