Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've Been Polled!

Well, not me specifically, but Pal Beth over at bikelovejones just posted what she calls, "a poll for bike enthusiasts only." Luckily, she only defines a bike enthusiast as one who rides every day and owns more than one bike, so I just squeaked in. If you also fit the description and want to play along, Beth invites simple responses over at her place (follow the link above) or links to longer responses on your own blog. Or, heck, babble on my bandwidth. I ain't payin' for it!

But enough blather... on to the polling! Italics are Beth's questions, regular text is me responding:

1. How many bikes do you own? (just looking for a number here)

The garage contains 4.5 right now... one tandem, Carla's single, two singles for me, and a nekkid frameset soon to be sold (that's the .5).

2. Are any of these relied upon as regular transportation? If so, how many times a week?

My two singles are daily beasts of burden, probably 5-6 days a week. The tandem is also known to run Saturday errands in nice weather.

3. Do you own bikes that are purpose-specific (i.e., racing, off-road, cargo)?

Nope. They're a schizophrenic lot, none able to hang on to one focused personality.

4. Has the economic downturn forced you to sell off of any of your bikes in the last six months? (no prices here, just yes or no please)

Nope. I'm selling that frameset rather than build it back up, but only out of a need to keep my life (and my maintenance schedule) simple, not out of economic necessity.

5. Has the economic downturn forced you to scale back the time and/or energy you devote to non-utilitarian bike-riding in the last six months?

Not yet. Maybe I missed a riding day here or there because I had some work on the weekend, but I probably flexed that time and got in a ride during "normal business hours." I'm lucky enough to have a boss that defends her minions' work/life balance like an overprotective wolverine.

5a. Have you elected to cut out other activities to preserve at least some of the time and energy you devote to your bike-riding as a result of the economic downturn? (yes or no)

What other activities? [grin] Seriously, nope.

6. Are you partnered, or single?

Partnered to the same unfortunate soul for almost 14 years.

6a. If partnered, does your partner share your bike enthusiasm/riding involvement at or near a similar level? (yes or no)

No, thank goodness. Otherwise, my life would have zero balance. Carla likes to ride (especially on the tandem), but she's decidedly more normal about the activity. Her knitting, on the other hand...

Okay, I'm done... now when does Publishers' Clearinghouse show up on my front porch with the big check and the "move to the front of Sacha White's build queue" pass? (hey, a kid's gotta dream...)

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