Thursday, August 20, 2009

LimpStrong 3.0: Your Humble Narrator Gets Committed

October 17.

There, I said it. LimpStrong 3.0 will take place on October 17. If it doesn't happen, I submit myself to a public e-flogging.

New readers of
The Cycle may be sticking their fingers through their helmet vents for a good head-scratching right now. You do wear your helmet while reading, right? after all, my prose can get dizzying, which could lead to head injuries. To you, I submit my first-ever History Through Hyperlinks!

1. A silly idea takes root.

2. Apprehension sets in.

3. Apprehension turns to terror.

4. Our hero emerges triumphant.

5. Do I smell hubris?

6. No, just lactic acid... and success!

7. Again? Seriously?

In next year's history lesson, this post will be called "Dumb motivating goals that ain't ever gonna happen." What goals, you ask? Try these...

  • Maybe I will do this puppy on the fixed. Never mind that I have just about ZIP for fixed mileage this year and said fixed is hanging incomplete from the garage hooks right now, less than two months from the Big Day.
  • Or, maybe 100 miles isn't enough challenge. What about 200 kilometers? That's (fumbles through memory banks to find tiny snippet of the metric system taught to him on "Feigning Interest in European Things" day during his education in an American public school)... about 125 miles, no?
Or I might just drag my sorry self through 100 miles, eat everything in sight, and call it good. But mark my words, something will happen on October 17. You saw it here first.


Christopher Johnson said...

Go, Jason. Be my inspiration. I need a bodacious goal.

Steve Fuller said...
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Steve Fuller said...

I think I have that day open on my schedule. I have a lovely loop that took through Madison county last year that would be perfect.



I wouldn't suggest this as a fixed gear ride, but it would make for a good solid single speed ride, assuming you have real tires on your bike.