Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 To-Do List: Keep It Simple, Stupid

At the risk of starting a shame-spiral, let's review my 2009 to-do list and the success/failure count.
  • LimpStrong 3.0? Nope, didn't do that.
  • Distance rides on a fixed-gear? Nope, not that one either.
  • Getting a bike older than me? Yep. Not much of an accomplishment, but whatever.
  • More tandem rides? Not really.
  • More nephew time? Yeah, though still not enough.
  • More better blogging? Well, there was more. I'll leave it to my reader(s) to judge better.
So in terms of riding goals, it was pretty much a bust.

This year, I'm going to try to distill all my goals into three simple ideas: Less stuff, more riding, less me.

"Less stuff" because I know I have bike hoarding tendencies. Do I really need a stack of six spare tires? A box of unused brake levers? Two extra water bottle cages for every bike? A dozen variations on bike luggage? Or -- brace for blasphemy -- more than one good solo bike? Probably not. So I'm going to make a concerted effort to reduce my stash.

"More riding" is obvious, I hope. Don't futz with the bike so much. Just ride the dang thing.

And "less me" should be a result of "more riding" -- I hope. The body mass index charts say I should drop 30 pounds of bacon and donuts from my midsection. That seems nuts, but I'll give it a shot.

Okay, it's out there. Less stuff, more riding, less me. No ducking it now.

Thanks to all my readers for tolerating my babble in '09. Have a safe and happy new year, and I'll do my darndest to entertain you, inform you, and/or treat your insomnia in 2010.


Anonymous said...

more riding and less belly is a good goal. Achieving this goal usually involves finding new reasons to ride, and making time for it.

New reasons can include joining club rides, some form of competition, new utilitarian uses, etc. Some of these activities may benefit from a dedicated bike, which could increase the number of bikes in the stable.

Making time for biking? That might be tougher... Something else has to be replaced, whether it's giving up other leisure activities, or replacing time spent in a car with time on the bike.

I'd recommend doing some club rides. There's nothing like a group of friends to push you to get in shape and ride faster!

If it makes you feel any better, this was a lousy year for me too. Fell a bit shy of 7000 miles, my worst year since 1998.

Steve K. in Peoria
(on the plus side, I did get rid of one of my bikes ;-) )

Pondero said...

Jason, it was like I was reading MY brain in this post. You've said it perfectly, so I don't need to. Instead, I'm going to go ride.

Thanks for all you've given us in 2009. Can't wait for what's next.

Steve Fuller said...

Jason, the weekly PRC ride leaves Rasmussen's on Wednesdays. That would be a great SS or fixed ride. Couple loops out by Woods and the old Army Post Road area on the SW side of town. 25 - 30 miles. Pace can be somewhat laid back or insanely brisk. If I want a quick gut busting workout, trying to stay with the front group on a single speed, usually does it (as does trying the same thing with the LHT and a full set of bags attached).

I'd love to get in some long rides with you this year. :)