Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Note To The Storm: I'm Sorry! So Knock It Off!

I didn't think much of it the other day when I snarkily commented on the predicted "Storm of the Century" bearing down on us.

Unfortunately, it heard me, and absolutely WALLOPED Des Moines. Something like 15" of snow, 30mph winds with gusts to 50, and now the temps are plummeting, with wind chills predicted to be 15-20 below ZERO (F.) tonight.

At first, we were getting along just fine. It closed my office, so I got to sit inside the new townhouse and watch the nice men shovel out my sidewalks and driveway multiple times (we got our money's worth out of those homeowners' association dues just today, I figure -- the rest of the month is gravy).

BUT THEN IT KILLED MY INTERNET CONNECTION. Aw, c'mon! Trap me in my house and block off the series of tubes so I can't feed my biggest addiction other than coffee? (Luckily, we had plenty of that.) Cruel and unusual.

My interweb access is back again (obviously), so I'm grudgingly making nice with the storm again. But storm, if you're listening, you could go a long way toward appeasing me if you'd just close my office for one more day. Deal?

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essjay said...

I'm glad the connection came back...I'm not sure what we'd do in our house if we lost it - we had 3 computers online at one point yesterday.

One more day off would have been nice - it is just TOO cold out today.