Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy 11th Night of Hanukkah To Me

Yes, Rabbi Reader, I know Hanukkah has only eight nights. But Monday night, I took possession of a little gift that makes me oh-so happy.

I've been coveting a winter biking hat in wool ever since I got my Deller Designs summer cap a few years ago. My covetous eye looked upon Deller's winter offerings, Swobo, and Walz (coveting in no particular order there). But before this fool and his money could be parted, my wonderful wife said, "I can make that."

So she did. Here's the result, upon my homely Sputnik-esque noggin:

I call it my Yehuda Moon hat, as an homage to the retro-grouchy biking cartoon character who wears a very similar lid.

This now runs my total of Carla-produced wool cycling knitwear to three hats (helmet liner 1.0, helmet liner 2.0 and the aforementioned Yehuda Moon) and a pair of lobster mitts. I am one lucky dude.

Hey, quit coveting my wife! There's a commandment against that, you know!


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She got it done in time for the cold weather snap too! Enjoy!