Friday, May 7, 2010

Everything Old Skool Is New Skool Again

Yep, The Cycle is still trapped in 1984, tight-rolling our acid-washed jeans, rocking out to Van Halen's aptly-named 1984, and wondering if that Lemond kid might someday pull off a few Tour wins, get shot in a hunting accident, get turned into a brand, and become the Salieri to that brash young upstart Wolfgang Armstrong Mozart.

Jeez, was that an Amadeus reference? I really am stuck in 1984.

Anyway, I have very little snark to aim at today's entry from the premier edition of Cyclist magazine, other than to note that it looks sort of familiar. Judge for yourself:

Press fast forward on your Walkman, and you get this:

Yup, that's a Barbie pink fixed gear alright. Weird... I thought I fast-forwarded the Walkman, but I'm still hearing (danger, noisy link!) this.


Anonymous said...

did you notice the other feature on the '84 bike that predicted a future trend? The "integrated seatmast", or whatever they call that seattube extension that allows the use of a stubby seatpost.

and on the plus side, you'll note that there's no top tube pad on the '84 bike, so even then, they knew that some things just should not exist. :-)

Steve in Peoria

Steve Fuller said...

A Huret deraileur? Does that mean that bike would get the Jan Heine seal of approval (assuming it planes properly)??? I'd actually be alright with that in my garage just for the "odd factor"

I almost bought one of these a year ago when it popped up on Craigslist. Would have been a hoot to ride at the Elkhart time trials. I get enough crap from people about my "vintage" Paramount already, I figured this would fit right in. :)