Friday, December 17, 2010

Stop The e-Presses, And Be Still My Beating Heart

Pardon the interruption in our critically-abstained "12 6 Days of Festivus" series, but this seemed worth it.

There's a readable (and -- dare I say? I dare! -- enjoyable) article in this month's Bicycling magazine (henceforth to be denoted by the juvenile-yet-appropriate abbreviation BM).


Only one, mind you, but it's there. I almost did a spit-take with my latte when I was flipping through a copy (without buying it, of course) at the Local Corporate Mega-Emporium of Books and The Same Mildly Tolerable Coffee You Can Buy Every Three Blocks.

It's The Great Mechanic Within by Eben Weiss. And now I don't feel so guilty about the latte-spit on that hard copy I didn't buy, since BM has apparently entered the late-20th century and started posting their content on the magical interwebs.

If you're even the least bit savvy with the Googles, you know that Weiss is the quasi-anonymous man behind BikeSnobNYC. I feared that his foray into paper-based writing (both in book form and as a -- choke -- "journalist" for the rag in question) would ruin him, but it would seem that exposure to BM has only made him stronger.

Do you ever wonder exactly what's wrong with that guy who spends his rainy afternoons (and heck, even some of the sunny ones) in the garage tightening and pinging spokes like a demented piano tuner? Read The Great Mechanic Within. Heck, if you are that guy (guilty), print a copy and hang it on your workbench.

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Scott Loveless said...

That was, by far, the best article Buycycling has published in years. In fact, the word "fast" is not to be found on the entire page. Thanks for the linky. Now if they'd only start printing a monthly repair column again...