Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Don't Know Art, But...

One of the nice things about writing an obscure blog about an obscure obsession for a (relatively) obscure subject is that other people with similar obsessions are often kind enough to drop subject material into your lap. The folks at The Canary Project recently did just that, calling my attention to their new project called Green Patriot Posters.

Regular readers (or even the slightly irregular ones) may know that I have some mixed feelings about "bike advocacy" in general. However, I am a major sucker for a) books about bikes, and b) art incorporating bikes. So, seeing as how I've been suffering Blogger's Block as of late, I'm more than happy to use my whiny pulpit to showcase some of the (very nifty) work being done as part of this project. To whit:
Very cool, no?

I don't know if I have any readers in New York City (shoot, some days I don't even know if I have any readers outside my immediate family), but if for some reason you find yourself there (in NYC, not outside my immediate family) on April 26, there's an AIGA panel discussion on "designing activism" featuring Michael Bierut. I don't know what half the words in that sentence mean, but our Creative Director/Spouse here at The Cycle (who happens to be an AIGA member) informs me that the presence of Mr. Bierut is, in fact, a Big, Fat, Hairy Deal. 

DISCLAIMER: I have asked the publisher for a copy of the Green Patriot Posters book in exchange for space in this rarely-coveted tube of the Internets, but -- showing a remarkable lack of business acumen -- I'll show and talk about the posters whether I get one or not because I think they're snazzy. And if I don't get a freebie book, I'll probably buy one. Can you tell I got an MFA instead of an MBA?

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