Friday, April 15, 2011

This One's For You, Kent

One more poster? Sure, why not? As a reminder, this image appears courtesy of Green Patriot Posters. Of the ones I was sent, this is my favorite. I am loving the retro vibe.
I can't see this without thinking of my pal Kent P. who makes blog over at the creatively named Kent's Bike Blog. Read some of Kent's writing and I think you'll get what I mean. Just don't hold it against him that he was one of the inspirations for the drivel you see on this site.

In honor of this poster and Kent (and because I was looking for an excuse to futz around in the garage), I just put the finishing touches on my Simple Swift... the folder is now a plain-Jane singlespeed with flat bars and flat pedals. Okay, so it has some quasi-essential toys (basic lighting, fenders, a bottle cage, and a bare-bones tool kit), but the whole point was to put together a "just get on and ride somewhere" bike, sort of like Kent's tiny Dahon. (I just noticed that Kent mentioned li'l ol' me in the linked post. I haven't been this excited since the day the new phone books arrived and I learned I was somebody.)

If I start feeling extra-fancy (because this student of the Tao of Kent still has much to learn), I might make it a dinglespeed. The current setup is 52x16 (not nearly as manly as it sounds thanks to the 20" wheels) for about a 61" gear -- a good street cruising ratio. Adding a 48x20 (four less in the front, four more in the back, so chain length doesn't change -- see how that works?) would make for a nice off-road/snowbike gear of 45".

Or, I might just Be The Kent and ride the darn thing.

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