Monday, April 4, 2011

Poster-palooza, Part 2

Ooh, getting a little more political today...
As a copywriter, I find this poster to be one of the more succinct arguments for steel bikes yet. After all, "possibly delaminating from ultraviolet exposure and/or becoming susceptible to catastrophic cracks due to unseen stress risers in your garage" just isn't as tight. Neil Young knows best... lots of things never sleep, but at least rust has the decency to scan well while doing it.

What's the deal with the posters, you ask? I guess you weren't paying attention to yesterday's post. I'll let it slide this time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course, today the poster would say something like "the solution to the energy crisis has been converted to a fixie by hipsters and is now terrorizing pedestrians".

Neat poster, even if it does imply damp garages and lousy bike paint jobs. Might have to print that and post it at work. :-)

Steve in Peoria
(rode the uncorroded steel 'bent to work today)