Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Blue Cylinder Of Triumph

Specifically, this one here, being used for some wicked extreme skateboarding by a tiny Domo:
Can you guess what it is?

That, dear reader, is a blue "hard" elastomer from a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost. Specifically, from my dear spouse/tandem stoker's Thudbuster.

So what makes it the Blue Cylinder of Triumph?

That blue/hard elastomer was recently replaced with a grey "soft" elastomer. Why? Because since we bought the Thudbuster, said spouse/stoker has dropped over 60 pounds, making her too light for ol' blue up there. Note that I'm not telling you the color of the OTHER elastomer on the post, which would allow you to approximate my wife's weight before and after -- I may not be the brightest LED on the handlebars, but I'm no fool.

This is really just a long-winded way (like I know any other) of telling said spouse/stoker just how proud I am of her, in front of Blog and everybody. Can't wait to get that new elastomer (and the tandem it's attached to) out on the road.

To paraphrase the scary movie about the big shark, "We're gonna need a bigger chainring."


Steve Fuller said...

Awesomesauce!!! Your stoker rocks!! The captain's pretty OK too... ;)

Iowagriz said...

Congrats to the better half!

Anonymous said...

yep, congrats to your sweetie, and try to not get too many speeding tickets on that tandem!

Steve in rainy Peoria