Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yet Another Ikea Bike

No, this is not the bike-shaped object that Ikea gave away to its employees once upon a time.

This is a bike (granted, a kids' balance/scoot bike, but still, a mode of transport with two inline wheels) crafted from the stock parts of two Ikea stools, complete with a guide handle for the parent/guardian/whatnot.

Two things I totally love about this: One, it's a hack, yes, but the end result doesn't look hacked. It honestly looks like a product that those nutty Swedes could have designed and marketed themselves. They probably would have come up with some more refined/ergonomic handles, and maybe wrapped some hard rubber tires around the wooden wheels, but still, it looks plausible.

Two: I love that the designer made Ikea-style pictogram instructions to go along with the stool-bike, featuring that weird Ziggy-looking character who assembles all Ikea products. The instructions even include my favorite "confused Ziggy-looking guy holding a hammer and staring at the instructions" panel. I love that guy. Hell, I am that guy.

Now it just needs a Swedish-sounding name. Bycikl? Hobbi-hors? Skut? Drat, where's my HTML for umlauts when I need it?

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