Sunday, June 23, 2013

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus

My reader (hello, lovely wife) has been complaining that this blog has been radio silent for quite a while. In my defense, I've been way too busy riding (often with said lovely wife upon our tandem) to spend time writing about riding.

That ends today, however, as it's a rainy one here in otherwise scenic Des Moines and I have a fresh haircut to keep my brain from overheating (I should really install some cooling fins as a cerebral heatsink, sort of like on the old Scott-Mathauser brake pads). I intend to spend the afternoon in my bloggin' chair, cranking out posts and scheduling their publishing to leak out in dribs and drabs all week, thus maintaining the illusion that someone's maintaining this blog. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

First important news is that LimpStrong 3: Return of the Fred-I has been scheduled, and it's (gulp) next Saturday, June 29. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, LimpStrong was conceived in 2007, was a stunning success (in that I didn't die), came back (like a bad rash) in 2008, and was discussed briefly in 2009 but hasn't been seen since. This year, I made the mistake of 1) cranking out some relatively fast and easy 40-50 milers early in the season, thus feeding my hubris, and 2) mentioning to lovely wife that I felt manly enough to do another LimpStrong this year. Of course, she immediately said, "I'm going to be busy on the 29th... you should do it then!" Never mind that LimpStrong is usually a Fall tradition, when my legs have been seasoned like a fine beef jerky and my scranus has hardened itself to the indignities of the saddle.

So, watch this space for reports from next Saturday, when my fake titanium femur and I plan to be aboard the steel horse all the live-long, LimpStrong day, putting in a solo hunnert miles just to prove that I'm a stubborn bastard.


Steve Fuller said...

You should join up with the 100 mile New Belgium fat tire cruiser ride that leaves from Mullets next Saturday. I'd be up for doing Limpstrong with you, but I'm committed to the cruiser ride already I can assure you that the pace will be mellow.

Steve Fuller said...

So, how did it go? :)