Thursday, October 18, 2007

LimpStrong Draws Nigh!

Abandon all hope, ye who undertrain!

It's t-minus 36 hours to LimpStrong, and I've started my pre-event dietary preparation: fat loading. Carbo-loading is so 1990s, don't you know? Carbs are out! It's time to start pounding down heaping bowls of bacon, storing up the high-energy, slow-burn blubber that will kick in around mile 75, propelling me to a new personal best century time.

The original route plan was to start with a 45-mile loop that would bring me back home for lunch, but several key roads in that plan now look like canals in Venice thanks to the recent rains. It looks like I may have to go with a "no guts, no glory" route that takes me 50 miles away from home and then dares me to make it back.

My wife has reminded me that we bought bicycle coverage with our Better World Club roadside assistance membership, then hinted that there would be no shame in an "accidental" mechanical failure at mile 60. Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

C'mon, man, you're killing us! What's the conclusion, already?

tvc, lex, ky.