Thursday, October 18, 2007

Obligatory Fleet Rundown 3: Li'l Frenchie

Okay, so that isn't really this bike's name, but my wife -- namer of all inanimate objects (ref. house Fred, car Clyde, etc.) -- hasn't slapped a moniker on this one yet.

In all bike-snob respects, this little Peugeot "Orient Express" ain't much: a welded Taiwanese mountain bike with decent entry-level parts, circa late 80s. The thing's about as French as a McDonald's french fry. But gosh darn it, my wife loves the bugger, from its red star-pattern grips to its obnoxious Honka Hoota horn. And I must admit, I find the budget mass-produced take on a classic mixte frame sort of charming.

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