Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Boy, It's Amateur Hour

Can't find an empty spot in the bike rack? Must be the beginning of Bike to Work Week!

I was once a pretty strong proponent of BTWW, but these days, it just pegs my cynicism meter. For example, today's big event was "ride to work with a police escort alongside several local politicians who probably won't swing a leg over a saddle until this photo opportunity comes around again next year." Boy, there's nothing like a brisk morning ride down streets that can only be made tolerable by an entourage of squad cars. Needless to say, I took an actual bike route -- like I do every day -- and missed out on the free breakfast.

It is encouraging to see more riders and jammed racks, and not just because the expensive and poorly locked RAGBRAI toys will get stolen long before my humble steed. But it will be more encouraging if I see it again next week, after the heady rush of short-term environmentalism/trendiness has worn off. Heck, I'll be glad if I find a crowded rack tomorrow, when it's supposed to rain.

Rant over, climbing down from the high horse...

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