Thursday, May 22, 2008

Any Old Porteur in a Storm

Carla's Peugeot (first seen in my "Obligatory Fleet Rundown" series) just got a bit of a makeover, and it's looking a bit more French these days.

She wanted a way to carry a light load on the bike for grocery runs, riding to class, etc. So, with a cheap Nashbar mini-front rack, a Yaffa cube (otherwise known as a fancied-up milk
crate), a little hardware, a toestrap, too much spare time, a smidge of ingenuity, and a healthy dose of pure dumb luck, I came up with what you see here.

I drilled a hole in th
e bottom of the crate that aligns with the reflector hole on the rack and bolted the crate to the rack. Then, a toestrap through the cube-holes and rack stabilizes things in the rear.
It's not a rock-solid "let's throw 50 pounds of gear in there and tour over the Andes" setup, but for tooling around town at moderate speeds with a light load, it does the trick just fine. Carla likes the fact that she can see her stuff while she rides, and the fact that it makes her bike look "dorky, in a cool sort of way" (her words).

True connoisseurs of the porteur will no doubt exclaim, "But ze bike, she has too much trail! And ze wheels, why are they not 650B? Stupid American!" I concede all three points and promise not to submit this steed as a Bicycle Quarterly test subject, for fear of being taunted a second time.

Oh, and the bike now has an official name, inspired by its model (Orient Express) and its dorky/cool old lady vibe. I give you AGATHA!

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