Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm An Uncle... Again!

This just in... at approximately midnight, my sis brought new nephew Jackson Todd into the world. Mom, infink, Dad, and bro Wilson are all well. No word on the condition of dog Molly, though I suspect it's "spastic as always." Also no report on Grandma Nancy, but my guess is "gushing."

Thus, Aunt Carla and I go from having the World's Coolest Nephew to having the World's Coolest Nephew
S. We are greatly psyched.

(I'm also way touched that sis E.B. referred to the new guy as "little J.T." since I'm Jason Taft, i.e. "big J.T." He's clearly vying for Favored Nephew Status already, although I adamantly refuse to play favorites.)


Anonymous said...

congrats to you and the rest of the family! Always fun to have another little one running around. :-)
Remember, as an uncle, it's your job to spoil the kids rotten!

Steve K.
(a couple of months away from being a great uncle myself... my niece is expecting)

Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Thanks, Steve. I've already told my sis that I'm in charge of all bicycle-related gifts. Guess I'll need to buy some pretty tough bikes now that they have to survive two boys in a row. :-)

My mom tells me that Wilson is a little mechanic in training... he likes taking things apart and putting them back together. She's having deja vu, since I was exactly the same way.