Saturday, October 23, 2021

Ready for my closeup.

I bought one of those cheap “ring lights” in a vain (in more ways than one) attempt to look less homely on video calls for work. Of course, it failed miserably at that task - a few bucks worth of plastic and LEDs can’t work miracles - but as I studied the mounting clip, I was struck by an idea:

Voila! Basket-mounted, USB-rechargeable bike headlight!

No clue how well the clip will hold up over bumps, how many lumens this bad boy puts out, or how long it will last on a full charge, but I figure it adds some visibility to my basketed steed as a supplement to my “real” light, and what else was I going to do with it? 

For the beam nerds, here’s what it looks like lit up in my garage:

I was never destined for YouTube stardom anyway…

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SteveKurt said...

that should do quite a bit to make you visible to other road users! Not sure if it will throw enough light nearby that it might impact your night vision. That's usually only a concern if you are riding in really dark areas, though (i.e. out in the corn fields).
...or ... plan B: aim it down to light up the ground! Very fashionable!

Steve in Peoria